Public Recycling Bins
Public Recycling Bins in Portugal

We have been in Portugal now for 10 days and have noticed a very clean country. One that is focused on recycling and a litter free place.  In all the places we have stayed there are bins for recycling and they also exist in public on the streets and at the beaches.  In NA we just have one bin for all trash in public where as here, if you are on the streets, you sort your waste as well. Not just in your home.

Filling plastic bottles with sand to make a barrier in a garden
Cigarette butt recycling and keeping them with you.
Recycle bins at every entrance and exit of the beaches.
Collection of plastic bottles at the beach.

Plastic Collection on Beaches

Portugal beaches are very clean. You rarely see any garbage. There are so many ideas for collection and the reuse of plastic bottles. 

Cork Trees

In Porto we learned that the cork trees are not cut down to fit all wines and Port with corks. They use just the bark where the cork exists and only up to the point where it does not endanger the tree from dying. This bark grows back after nine years. The forests of cork trees are alive and well and are sustainable into the future. The next time we buy a bottle in NA that has a cork, we do not need to feel bad.