Phoenix, Arizona USA

I am from Canada and as I spend the winters in the USA, I find I miss all the ways we recycle and reuse comparatively. I haven’t yet looked into what the USA is doing on waste management like in Phoenix, but i do know that if we could bring cans and bottles back to stores, there would be a whole lot less waste in the recycle bins. Where does the recycle bin material go after they get picked up here? I was pleased to see the PGA GOLF Waste Management Open’s efforts at zero waste at their massive golf tournament in February. Impressive company.

Hiking in the hills and surrounding mountains of Arizona is quite different then other places. There are lots of cacti you need to watch for as well in the hot months you have to watch for snakes.

Spring is a wonderful time for a walk as you will find many plants blooming. I hadn't realized how important many of the desert plants are to us and to animals. Many plants can be used for ailments. There are great pollinators like Fireweed, Bitterbrush and Paloverde. Check out this site for more: Great Pollinator Plants of Arizona

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