Huatulco, Mexico

January 2023 ten of us embarked on a two week volunteer trip to Huatulco to help in a dental clinic, organize food for the food bank and assemble wheel chairs through the local Rotary Club.

I noticed at the clinic which was in a room at a local elementary school, they had signage and instructions on recycling their waste at the school. The teachers were doing a great job and educating their students on a clean environment and the reason behind recycling and why littering can affect our water systems when the rains come and wash it into the rivers.

Teaching the children about the reasons why litter is not good for the environment at an early age could really solve some issues with the trash entering our rivers and streams.

Huatulco Kids

The smallest pieces of plastics run into our water systems and collect in oceans.  We cannot wait for someone else to pick up the trash, as soon as the rains pour, that garbage can travel into the streams.  This is where the problems start.

Huatulco, Mexico featured image

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